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22 October 2017

Membuat Automatic Bathroom Lamp (ABL)

Tanggal : 09/01/2015, dibaca 2832 kali.
Listrik merupakan kebutuhan masyarakat saat ini, setiap orang membutuhkan energi listrik untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sehari-hari. Salah satunya adalah untuk penerangan atau lampu di dalam rumah. Dalam rangka menghemat listrik, maka matikan lampu setelah digunakan.

Dalam penggunaan listrik kita harus berhati-hati dalam mengoperasikannya, jika tidak, maka akan menyebabkan kecelakaan. Terutama jika ini terjadi karena kurang tahuan, terutama pada anak-anak kecil. Misalnya ketika seorang anak yang umurnya dibawah 7 tahun, masih sangat butuh pengawasan orang tua dalam menyalakan dan mematikan saklar lampu, terutama jika kondisi tangan basah, misalnya setelah keluar dari kamar mandi dan akan mematikan lampu kamar mandi, ini akan sangat berbahaya.

Adakah alat yang secara otomatis yang akan menyalakan lampu ketika seseorang memasuki ruangan, dan lampu akan mati sendiri ketika seseorang sudah keluar dari ruangan ?
Dari pertanyaan diatas, maka munculah ide dari penulis untuk membuat alat “Automatic Bathroom Lamp (ABL)”, dimana alat ini dapat digunakan untuk menyalakan dan mematikan Lampu Kamar Mandi secara otomatis, alat ini akan sangat bermanfaat terutama jika dirumah tersebut memiliki anak kecil, yang tentunya sangat rawan jika menggunakan saklar lampu, selain tinggi badan masih kurang juga pengertian dan pemahaman tentang bahaya listrik masih sangat kurang, apalagi ketika keluar dari kamar mandi kondisi tangan masih basah.
Spesifikasi Teknis Alat
Dimensi : 7 x 11 x 5 cmm
Tegangan input : 12 V DC
Tegangan Output : 110-220 V (sesuai pemasangan & kebutuhan)
Konsumsi Daya : 0,5 W
Arus max : 10 A (Optional sesuai Relay yang dipakai)
Daya jangkauan : 1-3 meter
Proses dan Cara Kerja Alat Automatic Bathroom Lamp (ABL)
Cara kerja alat ini adalah dengan menggunakan sensor gerak atau sering di sebut dengan PIR (Pasive Infra Red). PIR akan menghasilkan tegangan 3 V jika mendeteksi gerakan, tegangan 3 V inilah yang akan dikuatkan untuk menggerakkan Relay yang akan mengontrol nyala lampu.
Gambar sensor Gerak PIR (Pasive Infra Red)
Design Rangkaian ABL

Alur Kerja ABL
Alat ini sangat bermanfaat ketika dipasang di kamar mandi, dimana sensor gerak akan mendeteksi manusia yang masuk ke kemar mandi, dan secara otomatis akan menyalakan lampu.
Ini sangat bermanfaat untuk penghematan energi listrik, karena kita sering lupa untuk mematikan lampu ketika keluar kamar mandi.
Anak kecil tidak perlu meminta orang tua untuk menyalakan lampu kamar mandi ketika akan masuk ke kamar mandi.
Menghindari bahaya sengatan listrik, karena kondisi tangan yang basah ketika meninggalkan kamar mandi, dan harus mematikan saklar lampu.
Dapat digunakan sebagai alarm untuk menghindari pencurian, jika sensor ini dihubungkan dengan bel atau alarm atau buzzer.
ABL Siap dipasarkan/dijual

PCB ABL siap dirakit
ABL meraih Juara 2 Krenova 2014 Kabupaten Sragen
(buka dengan aplikasi PCB Wizard untuk membukanya)
blm punya programnya??


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Eliminate alcohol, espresso, cigarettes, refined sugars, and fats, which act as toxins in the body and are hurdles to your healing process. Beljanski recommends detoxification as a all natural <a href=>essential oils for aging</a> way to keep your mind and body healthy, though it's a broad term and can connect with many types of health ideas. Or if you're on the run, decide instead for an easy digesting gut healthy smoothie.
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Rather than turning to a premade concoction or chemically increased smoothie, just utilize natural foods that will get you cleansed properly. By focusing only on your breathing, you are clearing and cleaning the mind <a href=>fat burner review</a> which, subsequently, has an optimistic effect on the body. When you select the right organic foods then you prevent the toxins that may be harmful to your health.
The takeaway here is to rev your heart rate, break a sweat, and get in a better mindset to kick it up a notch again tomorrow. We also consulted award-winning nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Heather Mangieri how healthy the common <a href=>peanut butter protein shake weight loss</a> detoxification fix is and ways to effortlessly detox over time. Another way to do a skin cleansing at home is more prevalent than you think: exfoliating to keep the skin healthy and free from dead skin skin cells.
But as as it happens, there's a lot more to seriously detoxing than simply the trendy juice cleanse, and some methods are healthier than others. Once again, this cleanse has not be scientifically proven to effectively remove toxins. Detoxing is great for the body. Exercising can help you sweating, and sweating helps release poisons through your <a href=></a> skin. When performing a little cleanse, the advice I share with clients is to skip the bakery, cereal or any version of these at breakfast time as they'll cause your system to keep more drinking water, and instead focus your attention on protein, that will provide satiety.

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It's the first time we have used the on-line service and it was great too. Strength & Convenience: Aside from storms or heavy rains perhaps, the strength these offers are good enough to support pleasurable play of kids getting <a href=></a> back in and out of these tepees. These set ups are suitable for either indoors or outdoor set-up, and that means you have a great deal of options as you plan your child's play space.
Problems Viewing
Perfect for thoughts and participating in hide-away. Features are likeable enough with different choices of elegance and style that means it is exciting to have your pick. All our children's tents are highly durable, light in <a href=>sensory teepee</a> weight for moving, and easy to assemble. Strong real wood poles slot through restricted elastic loops and be seated inside textile pockets at the bottom, retaining the canvas set up.
Sign up to get special deals, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime discounts. The product didn't disappoint, it's an extremely nice heavy canvas and it is bigger than it looks online. You cannot get a refund if you have positioned a ShippingPass-eligible order. The teepee itself was easy to put together <a href=>play teepee</a> and really adorable looking, but the customer we purchased it for couldn't stand the odor of the textile. I ordered 6 different teepees for a camping themed sleepover party.
Kids love cosy spaces, especially if they're hidden away from the rest of the house. My personal inclination is to buy a more substantial teepee that can support either yourself (to learn stories to your kids) or multiple children at once. Make it extra special with personalisation available <a href=>play tent</a> on quite a few play tents. I am a solid believer of experiential play more than technology established fun for kids as I see it as the natural way to draw out a whole lot of skills and development at an extremely young age.

Pengirim : JacobRew -  []  Tanggal : 06/10/2017
Całkowita kwota kredytu 13. 359 złotych, okres kredytowania 36 miesięcy, miesięczna rata kredytu 374zł, roczne oprocentowanie nominalne 6, 9%, kwota odsetek 1447, 42 zł, prowizja za udzielenie kredytu 5, 0% całkowitej kwoty kredytu, nakład pieniężny zabezpieczenia kredytu 0 zł. Przy przyjęciu wyżej powyższych parametrów RRSO wynosi dziesięć, 96%, całkowita kwota do odwiedzenia <a href=></a> zapłaty, stanowiąca sumę zupełnej kwoty kredytu oraz zupełnego kosztu kredytu wynosi 15474, 37 zł. Zm. ). Niektóre firmy pożyczkowe stosują też formularze informacyjne tyczące kredytu konsumenckiego, których przemowa jest w Ustawie kredycie konsumenckim (Dz.

Pengirim : JacobRew -  []  Tanggal : 06/10/2017
Całkowita kwota kredytu 13. 359 zł, okres kredytowania 36 miesięcy, miesięczna rata kredytu 374zł, roczne oprocentowanie nominalne 6, 9%, kwota odsetek 1447, 42 zł, prowizja zbyt udzielenie kredytu 5, 0% całkowitej kwoty kredytu, nakład pieniężny zabezpieczenia kredytu 0 zł. Przy przyjęciu wyżej nazwanych parametrów RRSO wynosi dziesięć, 96%, całkowita kwota do odwiedzenia <a href=></a> zapłaty, stanowiąca sumę zupełnej kwoty kredytu oraz zupełnego kosztu kredytu wynosi 15474, 37 zł. Zm. ). Niektóre firmy pożyczkowe aplikują też formularze informacyjne dotyczące kredytu konsumenckiego, których przemowa jest w Ustawie kredycie konsumenckim (Dz.

Pengirim : Markelido -  []  Tanggal : 29/09/2017
El año 2017 marca tendencia hacia un cambio en los modelos de financiación tradicionales. Sera un ayuda extra con la que no cuentas y a la que puedes tener en cuenta en un momento de necesidad. En te ayudamos a comparar <a href=>prestamos veraz negativo banco macro</a> información de diversas compañías, para que encuentres la que más se adapte a tus necesidades. Y es que en estos listados quedan registrados todos los nombres de personas que deben una deuda a alguna empresa. Fue rápido y sencillo.

No piensan en las personas de forma individual, con sus problemas diarios y sus situaciones peculiares. Los mini créditos de Creditozen boy la mejor manera de obtener dinero de <a href=>ultimo resultado d la quiniela de tucuman</a> manera urgente. Aquellos individuos que tienen deudas, que están en una mala situación, que les ha surgido un imprevisto… Existen muchas razones para solicitar préstamos personales. Rellena la solicitud y envía online.

En Credy no estamos conformes con esta cuestión. Además, nuestra disponibilidad es inmediata, las 24 horas del día y los 7 días de la semana, por lo que las personas saben que pueden contar con nosotros en cualquier momento que nos necesiten y solicitar uno de estos préstamos. El TAE aplicado a todos nuestros créditos online es <a href=>efectivo si san miguel</a> uno de los apartados que mencionamos en las condiciones generales.

En menos de 15 minutos desde que envías la solicitud, tendrás una respuesta, que casi siempre sera afirmativa. El pago siempre significa estar de acuerdo con las condiciones generales. Ser mayor de 18 años, con capacidad plena para obligarse y contratar. Como antes comentamos, consideramos que ha sido <a href=>caja popular de ahorros numeros de oro</a> importante en cualquier relación entre una empresa y sus clientes, en cualquier servicio que se ofrezca, ser responsables, justos y comprometidos con la sociedad.

Pengirim : Weddol -  []  Tanggal : 29/09/2017
Topshop only recently launched its selection of Bridal gowns, with just five designs reaching the traditional. We love featuring weddings from around the world, click <a href=""></a> here to submit. If you decide you want to wear a headpiece there are some beautiful understated headpieces with simple classic designs that will make an elegant finishing piece to your costume.
I was looking for designers who made wedding gowns not only in my size but also my style, which is feminine however, not froufrou. Over the past couple of years, brides wear one or two reception dress because of their big day. You'll find selections of jewellery that will go with both you as a person and the outfit that you choose to wear on your big day. It's a given that every bride-to-be pays for individual alterations to clothes she eventually chooses, but this is different.
I always make an effort to convince brides to choose textures that will photograph well,Ã¢â‚¬Âť says Martin. In which case the Mother of the Bridegroom should decide on a hat smaller than the Mom of the Bride-to-be, such <a href=""></a> as a cocktail hat. Fresh and glowing pores and skin is on every bride's wishlist - achieved with careful request of the right products for a flawless finish off.
Most of us have different body types, which is why it's so important to commence the wedding dress shopping process by understanding different gown silhouettes - and that body types they work best. Asos Bridal dresses tend to sell-out quickly, because of the affordable selection in a range of styles. Emma Butterworth's interest for every bride to own that Once in an eternityÃ¢â‚¬Âť experience of choosing there dress of the dreams, is showed through everything that is choosen with you in mind.
Whether you're Mother of the Bride or a visitor, here are some top styling tips by milliner Jane Taylor. The Mother of the Bride plays an essential part in your day and you'll want to make sure you feel safe and confident using your hat. This amount from Monsoon is ideal if you <a href=""></a> wish a big bridal gown without the big bridal price. I simply love your ideas and style and want your help I've a pleasant red lace dress and speculate what to wear over it or pashmina bolero etc and what coloring shoes and fascinator to wear with it I'll try send u a pic than it.

Pengirim : Emmaol -  []  Tanggal : 24/09/2017
Gemstone rings- Gemstones grow to be very popular these days because it is very affordable. It is regarded as be essentially the most effective gift of engagement especially of in 2010. You can find variety of colours for pink, black, yellow and blue. Hence you may select the colour of your ring as documented in the chosen your person. You can also select these stones health supplement the month of your birth or maybe your lady for example pearl is for June year. By selecting the stone reported on the month of birth you can also add personal touch to your ring. These kind of are the 1 the most beautiful and wonderful gift of engagement.<br><br>Six-claw Mosaic Law originated with Tiffany is first appeared in 1886. It's immediately been an international standard of mounting engagement rings. This standard mount diamonds on the ring. It highlights the diamond, fully refracting the light, perfectly showing the brilliant temperament of sparkling jewelry. After appearing 100 years of six-claw mosaic law, Tiffany engagement rings radiate brilliant light as soon.The method creates special bright charm of diamonds, perfectly showing the gentle beauty and charm of ladies.Those brilliant fashion Tiffany diamond <a href=>wedding rings sets cheap</a>
have been attracted most women's care.<br><br>Diamonds obtainable all different shapes, such as emerald, cycle, spirit and princess sizes. If This particular lettering of pendent is shaped like something which can clothes every day, rhombus stud hoops end up being way in regards to the spirit shape. However, if the gift recipient enjoys getting decked out to you would like a sympathy and still is embellished with numerous stones. All of the pebble and also the venue of lozenge gift that is general can be a lozenge peal. <a href=>baguette diamond engagement ring</a>
are commonly givens to the unique instance and anniversary bands. Channel set wedding bands could be as easy as a lone limestone Tiffany Earrings or as elaborate as chandelier tiffany earrings embellished with diamonds.Choosing to an elite female an elite gift.<br><br>You may have avoided disposing of them because you think, "It's good jewelry, and I hate to remove of some thing which was so expensive. Nice news actuality that your old jewelry, regardless of whether it's tarnished, broken or out of style, can still be worth a lot of money. Obtain turn that jewelry into money in your pocket with only a bit of of endeavour. There are three simple for you to sell jewelry and get a good return on things. You can sell vintage jewelry online or through a bidding house, a person have a yard sale, or carbohydrates sell the gold and then any diamonds to a scrap gold buyer.<br><br>If you wish to focus more on jewelry already designed and set up with <a href=>black stone engagement ring</a>
it will behoove in order to definitely research outside common and sought after cuts and settings. Provide you with more discuss with the top selling pieces and diamond cuts in the guidelines.<br><br>The diamond is set with a metal rim for the perimeter of the diamond to hold on to it it is in place. A bezel setting could be a full bezel, and a part bezel. In a part bezel setting, the metal only partially surrounds the diamond, leaving the bottom and top of the stone exposed.

Pengirim : Emmaol -  []  Tanggal : 23/09/2017
By presenting diamond ring to your sweetheart you may the world an outward demonstration a person need to not only love her but you also care on her behalf. And utilized do everything to bring a grin on her face. Before selecting your diamond engagement ring must be very wary especially if you do never any regarding jewelry.<br><br>Spring is here and love is each morning air as well as the wedding season is fast getting close to. It is with regard to you think about how precisely precisely you ask that someone special to your time rest your her life with users. To ask this special question you want the right ring and everyone understands that times are tough and settlement is tight. How will you locate a special enough ring without breaking the bank? The answer is not do not give in the pressure society puts on which spend significantly of funds on an engagement ring. Instead look toward cheap <a href=>peridot engagement rings</a>
. Is the fact thing regarding a cheap engagement ring is yet every bit as as well as stunning just like the diamond counter part an individual can find them at a fraction of costly.<br><br>Fourth, find the size of the ring, and work to make the ring match your finger. Some people are best to wear gold rings, while others may more fit for wearing <a href=>male eternity ring</a>
. This will depend. If you can't make a call about types of ring to buy, please seek some suggestion of a shop tool. They have some professional knowledge regarding it and possess several special ideas, besides, they are happy and enthusiastic to work with you altering the special contact. Just go ahead, please.<br><br>When you can't afford a giant diamond, type of modern engagement rings also looks gorgeous with side stones and accent pieces to stress the gem and permit look bigger and smarter. You are not relegated to your single piece for so that it is a wondrous sight.<br><br><a href=>diamond.ring</a>
are not strictly limited to women's diamond jewelry. They are commonly featured in items males as surely. A popular gift for men is the diamond watch. Watches are frequently used everyday; however, the gift of a gemstone and setting watch allows a man to have a watch he or she can use for special occasions. Diamond cufflinks are another popular gift selection for men. For the people who placed on suits, diamond cufflinks add an irresistible element of fashion and grace. A money clip describes features make use of of of diamonds can viewed as a welcome gift. It adds an air of sophistication to this otherwise practical gift.<br><br>Both platinum and titanium come various finishes, highly polished and brushed. Brushed finishes give more within a matte show up. It's up to the wearer that they or she prefers.

Pengirim : Charlesraf -  []  Tanggal : 23/09/2017
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